We had our ducts cleaned two years ago by a company that uses the system of a big vacuum mounted in a truck. We saw the video on your website and liked the idea of the vents being brushed clean instead of just being vacuumed. We could not believe all the stuff you were able to get out of our vents with your Rotobrush system. It was as if the other company had never been here. We have signed up for your maintenance program and will never use the vacuum only system again.

Erin Ebbole, Inverness

I couldn’t believe how dirty¬†our ducts were for a new home, thanks for a job well done!

Kathleen Schmidts, Deer Park

You have gone well beyond my expectations for dependable, knowledgeable, and friendly service. I plan to tell all my friends what a great job you did. I also love the maintenance plans you offer so I never have to think or worry about my filters or ductwork again. I look forward to a long relationship with McMaid Duct Cleaning.

Brad Hartmann, Stonebridge, Aurora

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