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With indoor air quality becoming a growing concern in our environment today, right now is the best time to get your air ducts inspected and cleaned. The Environmental Protection Agency states, indoor air can be 2-10x more polluted than outdoor air! That means you and your family can be breathing in harmful particulates that could affect your health. Dirt, dust and dust mites, animal dander, mold and rodent feces are just a few things that can be lurking inside your air ducts and circulating throughout your home in the air you breathe!

Not only do we inspect and clean your air ducts we also sanitize them! Our company, McMaid Duct Cleaning, uses Envirocon; an EPA registered antimicrobial mildestat, fungistat, bacteriastat, and deodorizer. The chemical is safe for pets and family members and is commonly used in hospitals and schools. Once dry, the only residue left behind is basic table salt. If anyone in your home is overly sensitive to chemicals, it is recommended that the person leave the area for one hour prior to re-entering a sanitized home.

We also want to help improve the air quality in your home for longer periods of time! Ask about our electrostatic filters- these filters are washable and last a lifetime.

The “Gold Maintenance” Plan
Our basic package:
  • Remove and Clean all Registers
  • Patented Rotobrush Cleaning of all duct vents
  • Patented Rotobrush Cleaning of Supply & Return lines
  • Vacuum all rooms we worked in when finished
The “Platinum Deluxe” Plan

Offers many of our a la carte services that most customers request at a greatly reduced rate:

  • Gold Maintenence Duct Cleaning (see above) +
  • Clean blower motor and Plenum
  • Replace Air Filter (standard type only)
  • Sanitize all ducts with antimicrobial fogger
  • Clean clothes dryer and dryer vent

In both plans, your register covers are cleaned to remove cooking oil film and other dust collecting substances. We then complete a “point of contact” brush and vacuum cleaning of all the air ducts, main supply and return lines using the patented Rotobrush aiRair duct cleaning system removing the contaminants that are circulating through your air. The quality of cleaning this technology performs, far exceeds that of the old systems of just blowing high pressured air through the vents. Time after time, we go into a home that was last serviced by one of those “$99 Blow and Go” companies and the homeowners can’t believe what was left in their vents. We use certified technicians for all air duct cleanings. Our technicians are air cleaning specialists, factory trained by Rotobrush International; the leading manufacturer in air duct cleaning equipment. Cleaning your duct work reduces the levels of debris, mold and also reduces the levels of pollen and dust mites.  Over all it improves the efficiency of your HVAC system. Get your air ducts cleaned today!

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